Understanding your Analytics space

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The Analytics space shows how your property is performing at a glance. It’s composed of several dashboards that offer useful insights to help you grow your business.

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Understanding your Analytics space

We offer data and insights to help you boost your sales and find ways of getting more bookings.

We want to make this data as useful and manageable as possible, so we’ve gathered it under the Extranet’s Analytics tab. To access this data, log in to the Extranet, go to the Analytics tab, and choose one of the dashboards in the dropdown menu.

Explore your Analytics tab

The Analytics tab contains a set of dashboards that give you access to business reports with real-time information to help monitor past and future sales. You can also compare your results against your competitors.

Analytics dashboard

In the Analytics dashboard, you can keep track of the number of room nights you’ve sold and see your revenue broken down in a range of helpful charts.

With the customization feature, you can choose up to four report previews to display on your dashboard. Look for the customization button at the top of your dashboard and (de)select the reports to tailor your dashboard to your own needs.

Demand data

On the Demand page, you’ll find information about when potential guests plan to visit your city, how long they plan on staying, and how traveler demand for your city compares to your own bookings.

Pace report

On the Pace Report page, you can keep track of your bookings with stay dates in the future and compare your performance to previous years. 

Sales statistics

In Sales statistics, you can view your sales from guests who’ve stayed at your property and compare them to sales in previous years. 

Booker insights

The Booker insights report shows info about your current bookers to help you better understand who they are. Find out which countries your guests are booking from and their reasons for traveling.

Book window information

Here you can see how far in advance customers are booking your rooms.

Cancellation characteristics

In this dashboard, you can see the cancellation patterns for your property. This helps you understand if guests tend to cancel their bookings within a specific time period before their stay dates.

Manage competitive set

On this page, you can manage your competitive set. Properties are picked based on their similarity to your own in terms of location, types, prices, review score, star rating, meal plans, and facilities. Once you’ve saved your selection, you’ll have to wait 30 days to change your competitive set again. 

You can also customize your Analytics dashboard from this page.

Ranking dashboard

The ranking dashboard provides you with data to track and improve your ranking on our platform. To learn more about the Ranking Dashboard, read this article.

Performance dashboard

On this page, you can review your eligibility for our Genius and Preferred Partner Programs.

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