Using your Genius Report

Updated 2 years ago | 1 min read

The Genius Report gives you insight into the value the program is bringing to your business. It’s based on the total number of stayed reservations at your property since you joined the Genius program. You can find your Genius Report on the Extranet by clicking the Analytics tab, then selecting Genius Report.

In your Genius Report, you’ll find:

  • Quick insights on your Genius guests, including:
    • What percentage are Genius guests booking Genius rates
    • What percentage are Genius guests booking other rates
    • Their average length of stay
    • Their average spend based on bookings on our platform
  • A performance overview of all bookings that can be filtered by:
    • Genius guests vs. other guests
    • Genius guests with discount vs. Genius guests without discount
    • Past or future stays from seven to 365 days
  • A month-by-month graph showing all bookings by:
    • Genius guests with discount
    • Genius guests without discount
    • Other guests
  • A clear summary of what you’ve gained by joining the Genius program*:
    • Additional revenue made in past 30 to 365 days
    • Increase in property page views in past 14 days

*Depending on your property type, this feature might not be available yet.

Check out this article to learn more about the Genius program and to see if you’re eligible to join.

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