What is the Visibility Dashboard?

Updated 9 months ago

Found under the Extranet's Analytics tab, the Visibility Dashboard provides you with all the relevant data you need to track and improve your visibility in Booking.com search results.

Why is visibility so vital to your property’s performance? Because the more visible you are in our search results, the better your chances of attracting guests to your property page – and getting more bookings.

What does the Visibility Dashboard do exactly?

Using historical data, the Visibility Dashboard makes it easy for you to:

  • View your visibility performance in Booking.com search results.
  • Compare your visibility performance with other properties in your market.
  • Check your conversion (how well your property converts guest searches into bookings).
  • Identify key factors that influence your performance, so you can take action and increase your exposure to more potential guests.

Which performance indicators are shown on the Visibility Dashboard?

The Visibility Dashboard’s key indicators cover the entire guest journey, from the initial search to making a booking. In each phase, you can track your performance for the past 90 days using the following metrics:

  • Search results views:  The number of times potential guests saw your property in search results.
  • Click-through rate (CTR):  The percentage of potential guests who clicked on your property in the search results, relative to the number of search result views.
  • Property page views:  The number of times potential guests viewed your property page.
  • Bookings:  The total number of bookings received, including cancellations.


Does the Visibility Dashboard show daily and year-on-year performance?

The Visibility Dashboard presents a graph that lets you view your performance for the past 30, 90, or 365 days. You can also compare the past 30 or 90 days’ performance with the same period from last year.

Your property is also given a Search Results Performance Score. This shows how your visibility performance ranks among all other properties in your market (for the past 90 days).



You can improve your Search Results Performance Score by focusing on the factors that help us match guest preferences with the most relevant accommodations. This, in turn, helps you attract guests who want to book your type of property.

Which factors affect visibility performance most?

  • Conversion rate:  The percentage of your stayed bookings relative to the number of property page views. The dashboard compares this with the average for your market. Conversion is very important because it helps us predict the likelihood of your property being booked. If a guest who searched using particular preferences books your property, it indicates that you'll also appeal to similarly profiled guests in the future.
  • Average daily rate (ADR):  Your average room income per paid occupied room in a given period. The dashboard compares this with the average for your market.
  • Cancellation rate:  The percentage of booked rooms that were canceled in the previous 90 days. The dashboard compares this with the average for your market.
  • Property page score:  Indicates how attractive and useful your property content is to potential guests (photos, descriptions, facilities, room details, breakfast info, etc.).
  • Price quality score:  Shows how your prices on Booking.com compare with your lowest prices on other channels (if applicable).
  • Review score:  Shows what previous guests thought about your property.



All of these factors relate directly to conversion—turning lookers into bookers—and help you identify which areas you can improve. However, you can be sure other properties are looking to attract the same guests as you.

That’s why the Visibility Dashboard lets you compare your search results performance within your competitive set (i.e. other properties in your market). You can update this set under the Extranet's Analytics tab once every 30 days.

Assuming you’re getting the visibility basics right, providing a competitive offering, and loading enough availability for the dates guests are searching, there are still additional ways to increase your chances of getting more bookings.

Other features and tools that help boost your visibility

If you reach a certain level of performance on Booking.com and meet particular eligibility criteria, you can join two programs that will further boost your visibility in search results.

  • Genius Program:  An exclusive program that brings you closer to our most frequent bookers. Your property gets a special Genius tag, a ranking boost, and stronger visibility in our site's search results. Learn more.
  • Preferred Partner Program:  An exclusive program that rewards our high-performing properties with a special thumbs-up badge of approval alongside extra visibility in our site's search results. Find out more.

In addition, you can use the Visibility Booster to make your property stand out to bookers on certain high-demand dates, or during periods where you’re experiencing low sales or high cancellations.

You can also set up a deal or promotion to increase occupancy for the days or periods you need it most.

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