All you need to know about the Preferred Partner Program

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Preferred Partner Program: The benefits

Preferred is an exclusive Program that gives greater visibility to our top 30% of partners. Partners must meet a set of criteria to join. Once a member, they can expect a big boost in bookings in return for a small increase in commission.

Preferred properties get both greater visibility in search results and a special "thumbs-up" icon that acts as the seal of approval. These factors can lead to Preferred Partners getting up to 65% more page views and ultimately 40% more bookings.

How to join the Preferred Program

Partners become eligible to join when they reach the required 70% threshold in each of these categories:

  • Performance score: A combination of your expected annual sales and your customer demand.

  • Review score: How guests rate your property after check-out. Your usual score out of 10 is converted into a percentage.

  • Pricing score (only applicable in some countries): Based on how competitive your prices are on compared to other platforms.

To check your eligibility for the Preferred Program, log on to the Extranet, click the Opportunities tab, then "Preferred Partner Program." 

How to stay in the Preferred Program

After you've been a member of the Preferred Program for 90 days, we'll verify your eligibility every quarter to make sure you're still meeting the high-performing property criteria.

To check your status throughout the year, check the Extranet's Opportunities tab and click Preferred Partner Program. We'll also email you about any improvements you should make to stay in the program and how much time you'll have to work on it.

How to leave the Preferred Program

Opting out is easy and can be done at any time. Just go to the Extranet's Opportunities tab and select Preferred Partner Program, where you’ll see the option to leave. Your status and commission amount will change immediately, and you’ll receive a confirmation message in your Inbox.

Note: Once a property leaves the Program, it will only be able to rejoin after 180 days as long as they meet the criteria. If you have any issues leaving the program, get in touch with your local team.

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