All you need to know about the Visibility Booster

Updated 3 years ago

What's the Visibility Booster?

Our Visibility Booster offers you a way to boost your visibility – wherever and whenever you choose to.

You can make your property stand out to bookers on certain high-demand dates or during periods where you’re experiencing low sales or high cancellations.

You can also attract more international guests by standing out to bookers searching in specific countries on certain dates.

By using this tool and adjusting the commission you pay, you can see what increase in views you can expect. We estimate this based on our ongoing research into customer behavior, booking trends, and demand.

How to activate the Visibility Booster

It’s easy to set up the Visibility Booster! Just follow these steps:

1. Log on to your Extranet and click on the Opportunities tab. Select the Visibility Booster.

2. Here you can choose which check-in dates you want to boost. If you have low occupancy over a certain period, you can select the relevant dates from the calendar.

3. In the next section, Pick a country, you can choose your target group of bookers.

4. Next, select the commission rate you want to apply using the blue circle on the slider.

5. Click the Apply new commission rate button when you finish this step.

When to use the Visibility Booster

High-demand dates

Want to make your property stand out to customers on peak dates or during certain local events and holidays? You can set the feature to increase your visibility for stays between two certain dates and stand out to bookers searching for these dates.

Low-demand dates & unsold rooms

If you still have a lot of availability left for certain dates, you can use the Visibility Booster to make your property appeal to bookers still looking for a place to stay. You’ll benefit from extra exposure when you need it the most.

Target customers by country

You can also decide to stand out to customers from a certain country. For example, if you know a public holiday is coming up, you can appeal to bookers searching in that location.

Dealing with last-minute cancellations

Are you experiencing a high number of cancellations? An easy way to solve this is to get your rooms back on sale as quickly as possible. The Visibility Booster can help to place your property higher in the ranking and attract bookers to your newly back-on-sale rooms.

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