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As part of our “Growing Together” partner promise, we’re committed to sharing more tailored commercial advice with you. Find out how the new Focus Finder tool takes a data-driven approach to deliver personalized recommendations – making it easy for you to put this advice into action.

Focus Finder is a tool that analyzes your property’s performance at each step of the guest booking journey and compares it with other properties that guests find similar.

After its analysis is complete, Focus Finder helps optimize your performance by recommending opportunities that can help you improve specific stages of the guest booking journey.

Where do I find the Focus Finder's advice?

Wherever you receive performance advice—from your local team, via email, in the Opportunity Center, or on the Pulse app—the data comes from the Focus Finder. This advice is 100% personalized because no two properties have the same performance.

What is the guest booking journey?

The guest booking journey covers each step of the booking process – from a guest’s initial search on our site to their stay at your property.

It starts with the guest searching From there, visibility plays an important role in how often your property appears in search results, receives clicks, and gets views on your property page. Conversion, cancellations, and stayed bookings are also included as steps along the guest booking journey.

What are the specific stages that Focus Finder addresses within the journey?

There are 7 stages in total, including:

  • Ranking

This is the order in which your property is displayed in a guest’s search results on These search results are determined by what’s most relevant to the guests’ preferences, taking into account their past search behavior, specific market conditions, and the overall performance of all available properties on our platform. This makes it easier to match guests with the kind of accommodation they’re looking for, and helps you attract guests who want to book your type of property. 

  • Page Views

This stage relates to the number of potential guests who find and visit your property page on, and where you convince them to book with you instead of somewhere else. This is where you showcase info about your property through descriptions, photos, and your past guest reviews.

  • Availability

Availability refers to what rooms or units are available at your property based on the price range and stay dates that the guest is searching for. On the Extranet, you can review and update your rates and availability well in advance to attract a wider range of guests.

  • Length of Stay

This is the number of nights a guest books to stay at your property. You can set up minimum or maximum length of stay restrictions as part of your rate plan to secure more revenue and a higher Average Daily Rate (ADR), and also offer special rates to guests who stay longer than a certain number of nights.

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR)

Average Daily Rate (ADR) is important to consider because it indicates the average price your guests are paying to stay at your property in a given period of time. This reflects on your overall profitability and how you’re tracking against your occupancy and revenue objectives. This rate is calculated by taking the average booking revenue earned in a day and dividing it by the number of rooms or units sold.

  • Conversion

This stage is when a guest wants to confirm a reservation and book a stay at your property. First they select their preferred room or unit type based on what’s available, choose any in-stay services, provide their personal and payment details, and check their booking conditions based on your property’s policies. Then they complete their reservation.

  • Cancellations

This is when a guest cancels a booking within the cancellation period and terms indicated in your property’s policy. While we can’t prevent cancellations completely, we can help you manage and control cancellations to minimize their business impact and ultimately secure you more revenue. 

  • Reduce workload

Though this stage isn’t part of the guest booking journey, we know reducing your workload and operational costs are some of your top needs. This is where we can help you find solutions to optimize your operational efficiencies, plus save you time and resources. That way you can focus on other important areas of your business and deliver optimal experiences for your guests. 

How does Focus Finder compare the performance of similar properties?

Focus Finder analyzes which of your property characteristics are important to guests and creates a set of properties that guests would also be happy to book. The tool then compares your property’s performance to those of similar properties in a given area.

For every step of the guest booking journey where your property performs below average, Focus Finder provides tailored business advice to help close those gaps. It also indicates where you’re out-performing similar properties, so you can continue doing well in those stages.

When can I expect to see updated advice from Focus Finder?

To make sure the advice you receive is always relevant, Focus Finder’s recommendations are updated every day. That way you can identify potential performance gaps quickly and get suggestions on how to tackle them.

See how Focus Finder analyzes your property’s performance at each step of the guest booking journey and helps you close any performance gaps.



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