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What is the Group Opportunity Center?

Updated 1 year ago

Note: This tool is currently available to group-Extranet account holders with max. 1,000 properties. As we’re still testing the tool, some group partners may not see or have access to it yet.


How to save time optimizing your portfolio performance

Found in your group Extranet, the Group Opportunity Center helps you quickly identify and improve:

  • Your overall portfolio performance (compared with your competitive set)

  • Your individual properties’ performance

It saves you time by presenting the most relevant products for your portfolio as "Opportunities" you can implement in a couple of clicks.

How the Group Opportunity Center works

1. The process guests follow to book a room on can be broken down into 8 steps. Each one represents a point at which a potential booker might abandon the booking process. The Group Opportunity Center helps you identify why a drop-off might happen.


Group Opportunity Centre


For example, if potential guests are clicking on your portfolio's property pages in search results but not making bookings, the area of performance that needs improvement is conversion. The Group Opportunity Center would rank "Conversion" as your biggest opportunity and propose relevant products you can implement to improve conversion and get more bookings.

2. Each drop-off point also represents an opportunity for you to improve your performance on The Group Opportunity Center splits these opportunities into 7 categories, each one corresponding to a different drop-off point.

3. The Group Opportunity Center is powered by Focus Finder, which analyzes your properties’ performance on and compares it with similar properties to help identify what you're doing well and what you can improve.

4. Based on your performance, the Group Opportunity Center orders the steps you need to take, with your biggest area for improvement listed on top.

5. Within each category, you’ll see a list of relevant opportunities designed to improve your performance in that area.

  • Depending on their settings, performance, and other metrics, some of your properties may not be eligible for every product. That’s why products listed here are ranked according to the number of eligible properties you have.

6. If you click on the View x properties button below any opportunity, you’ll see all eligible properties ranked according to their performance needs. To implement that opportunity for a certain property, just click Take me there found opposite the property name.

How will we make future improvements?

To make sure we show the most effective and relevant opportunities for all properties, we'll occasionally ask you for feedback. In the future, we’ll link the Group Opportunity Center to the Bulk Editing tab, so you can implement products for all your properties in one go.


Learn more in your group Extranet Opportunities tab, or click the button below.

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