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What's the Opportunity Center?

Updated 1 year ago | 3 min read

The Opportunity Center helps you identify ways to improve your property's performance and your guests' experiences. Found on the Extranet, it lets you add products, info, and deals that we know can help increase your bookings and revenue.

Opportunities are tailored to your property. You can take action on them in quick, easy steps. You're always in control of what features are activated and when.

How the Opportunity Center works

  1. The process guests follow to book a room on can be broken down into 8 steps. Each represents a point when a potential booker might leave the process. The Opportunity Center helps identify why a drop-off might occur. 


What is the Opportunity Centre en-us

Take, for example, "Available rooms": If guests search for properties in your area ("Potential searches"), you need to have rooms available on those dates for your property to be both visible ("Available searches") and bookable. If you don't have availability on those dates, your chances of converting potential guests into actual bookings decreases – we call this a "drop-off point."

  1. Each drop-off point also represents an opportunity for you to improve your performance on The Opportunity Center splits these opportunities into 7 sections, each one corresponding to different drop-off points.
  2. The Opportunity Center is powered by Focus Finder, which analyzes your property's performance along each step of the guest journey – from the initial search on our site to the actual stay at your property. It also compares your performance to that of similar properties in your area.
  3. Based on your performance, the Opportunity Center puts the steps you need to take in order, starting with your biggest area for improvement listed on top. For every step that you're performing below similar properties in your area, Focus Finder provides custom business advice to help you grow and close any gaps. It also indicates where you out-perform similar properties, so you can see what you're doing well – and keep at it.
  4. Within each category, you’ll see a list of relevant opportunities designed to improve your performance in that area.
  5. You implement the opportunities in a couple of clicks.

To ensure we show the most effective and relevant opportunities for all properties, we'll occasionally ask you for feedback. To make sure the advice you get is relevant, Focus Finder's recommendations are updated daily. That way we can help you identify possible problem areas and suggest way to tackle them quickly.

To find out more, go to the Opportunities tab on the Extranet or click the button below.

Go to Opportunity Center

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