Can I ask for a review to be removed?

We know customers find reviews to be very useful when browsing online. That's why we only remove reviews in certain situations:

  • In the case of no-shows, cancellations, and overbookings (when the guest is relocated as a result).
  • If we suspect a review isn’t genuine and might be used to target a competitor, we’ll remove it completely.

We also remove comments if they go against our guidelines:

  • When the review includes abusive language, swearing, discriminatory remarks, threats of violence, and political or religious commentary.
  • When the review promotes illegal activities.
  • If it includes contact details like phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or website links.

Note: When comments are removed due to breach of policies, the score will remain online.

If you come across a review that includes any of the above, let us know by using your Extranet Inbox, using the subject Reviews.

You can read more about who can leave a review in this article.