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5 tips to get more guest reviews

Updated 2 years ago

Want to know how to get more reviews from guests? Check out these tips on asking customers for online reviews.

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Guest reviews play a crucial role for both travelers and property owners.

For travelers searching for accommodations, reviews are an independent source of information. They offer insights into previous guests' experiences at your property and showcase its best features – influencing potential guests to book.

For property owners, reviews are a valuable source of feedback that can help you improve future guest experiences.

These aren't the only reasons to encourage guest reviews. Research shows that travelers are more likely to trust a property with 20 reviews rather than another with only 2, which means the number of reviews also matters.

How to get customer reviews on

1. Leave a personal note

If you already leave guests a personal note thanking them and wishing them a pleasant stay, add an extra line asking them to share their experience in a guest review after checking out.

2. Ask in a "Welcome pack"

Do you put together a welcome pack for your guests, like a little booklet explaining house rules or tips on local restaurants and activities? If so, that's the perfect place to ask guests to write a review.

3. Leave visual reminders

Physical reminders like stickers or flyers around the property can prompt guests to share feedback in a review.

4. Ask face-to-face

If you (or your staff) handle check-out in person, this is an opportunity to not only thank them for choosing your place, but also find out f they enjoyed their stay and ask them if they'd consider writing a review.

5. Send a personal message after check-out

You can also wait until guests complete their stays before asking them to leave a review. Use the messaging tool on the Extranet to write a personal thank you after check-out, along with asking them to add a review.

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