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All you need to know about Guest Review Scores

Updated 4 months ago | 5 min read

A good Guest Review Score helps you stand out in search results on our platform and lets you better understand what guests think about your property. It’s the average rating of your property, out of a maximum of ten, from the guests who stay with you.

You can find your Guest Review Score on the Extranet by clicking Guest Reviews. To learn more about what goes into a guest review, read this article.

In this article

Setting up your property to receive guest reviews

To get your own Guest Review Score, make sure guests can stay at and review your property via our platform. To start, register with us and make sure your property is open and bookable. For help with getting started on the Extranet, follow these steps. To learn more about changing your property status to open/bookable, read this article.

We also recommend going through our checklist on improving your property page content. To find this, log in to the Extranet and click Home. It includes info on updating and synchronizing your calendar, as well as interacting with other partners on our platform. For more info about creating, updating, and maintaining your property page, read this article.

Preparing for guest reviews

Once you start receiving bookings, it’s important to interact with guests right away to increase your chance of a good review. Here are some tips you might find useful:

  • Familiarize yourself with how our guest reviews work
  • Encourage your guests to leave you a review by writing them a personal note when they arrive
  • Use visual reminders at your property or an in-person request at check-out to ask guests for a review
  • Prepare your property for the perfect stay

We encourage you to make a special effort for every guest, since each review you receive counts toward your overall Guest Review Score. A good Guest Review Score will increase your visibility on our platform, which in turn attracts more guests to your property.

Sometimes, you may receive a review that you feel is unfairly negative. This can happen – it’s a normal part of running a property. In some cases, it’s a good idea to respond to guest reviews or ask us to remove a review from your property page. Keep in mind that removing a review is only possible in certain situations.

Receiving your Guest Review Score

After at least one guest reviews their stay at your property, you’ll receive your Guest Review Score. You can find it in the Extranet’s Guest reviews section, and we’ll also show a badge with your review score on your property page and in search results.

Keep in mind that each new guest review impacts your score – receiving positive reviews by offering your guests a great experience is the only way to influence your score.

The benefits of a good Guest Review Score

Maintaining and improving your Guest Review Score can help attract more guests to your property via our platform. Travelers often search and choose stays using the Guest Review Score filter, so a high score is key to increasing bookings.

A good Guest Review Score can also qualify you for other opportunities, such as our:

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