Everything you need to know about Guest Review Scores

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When a guest books their stay on our platform, they can leave your property a review and choose an overall score that reflects their experience. In this article, we’ll cover how guest reviews work and how Guest Review Scores are generated.

What’s in this article?

How we collect reviews

Once a guest checks out, we send an email to ask them to review their stay with you. They have 90 days to do this.

What guests can rate when they submit a review

Guests select an overall score from 1 to 10 to rate their experience at your property. This is the only question guests are required to answer before they can submit their review. The average of these overall scores becomes your Guest Review Score, which we’ll display once you receive your first review.


how was your stay


We also ask guests to rate your property in these six specific areas:

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Value 
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Staff

All of these ratings are optional and don’t count toward your Guest Review Score.

Guests can then provide more optional ratings, but these are about different facilities, such as Wifi and breakfast. They also don’t count toward your Guest Review Score.

We encourage guests to provide feedback in the form of an open question. This is optional, but their responses can give you helpful insights into your property’s performance. They can also be useful for new guests to find out more about your property before booking a stay. Read more about guest reviews here.

How a property’s Guest Review Score is calculated

Your property’s score is automatically generated by calculating the mean sum of all your score reviews 

As a platform, we don’t play any role in deciding your score. We only facilitate the process of collecting your reviews from guests. Your individual scores reflect actual guest experiences and contribute directly to your overall Guest Review Score.

Why a review’s overall score can be different from the category ratings

We collect the overall score for each review separately from the ratings guests give for different categories. We do this because the six categories don’t always cover everything a guest might consider when they rate their stay, while the overall score represents their experience as a whole. This means it’s normal for the overall score to be different from the category ratings.

It’s still possible for a guest to make a mistake when leaving their ratings. If you think this has happened, contact us via the Extranet inbox.

How to see guest reviews for a property

To see how your overall and specific category scores have changed over time, as well as how to improve them, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Extranet

2. Click the Guest reviews tab

3. Click Guest review in the drop-down menu to see your overall score, or Guest experience to see what guests think of their stays at your property

How long reviews stay on a property’s page

Reviews stay on your reviews page for 36 months. After that time, they’re archived automatically.

Once reviews are archived, your overall score will also be recalculated using the reviews that are still online.

How to increase your Guest Review Score

Guest reviews are an important factor when travelers decide what accommodations to book for their trip. Here are some tips for increasing your overall Guest Review Score:

  • Manage guests’ expectations – ensure that the content on your property page is an accurate reflection of what a guest can expect when staying at your property
  • Consider providing breakfast – breakfast is the last meal guests will have with you, so always make an effort to provide the best you can
  • Deliver great service – going that extra mile for your guests helps ensure that they have a memorable experience

Comfort and cleanliness – make sure your property respects all sanitary requirements, and make it as comfortable as possible for your guests

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