Understanding guest reviews and the conditions for writing them

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Reviews are guests’ personal opinions of their experiences after staying at a property. To make the best use of reviews, you need to understand how the review process works and who can leave a review.

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Understanding how the guest review process works

Reviews are a way for you to get valuable feedback on your property and improve the guest experience. They showcase your property’s best features and help other potential guests make booking decisions.

We send review invitation emails to guests about 48 hours after check-out. They have three months to complete their review.

Eligibility to leave a guest review

Only guests who booked stays through our platform—including no-shows and people who booked a property for family or friends—and/or stayed at your property can leave a review.

In order to comply with EU consumer law, we updated our process for moderating guest reviews. We now allow reviews in case of no-shows if:

  • The guest experienced the property before leaving
  • The guest was a victim of overbooking and their review mentions the support—or lack of support—they received from the property

Sometimes, someone might make a reservation on behalf of a friend, family member, or colleague. In that case, the person who made the booking will receive the guest review questionnaire and can forward it to the person who stayed at the property to complete the review.

Learn more about requesting to remove reviews in this article.

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