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How is my Guest Review Score generated?

Updated 19 days ago




Once a guest checks out, we send them an email asking them to review their stay with you. They have 90 days to do this.

Guests are required to give the property an overall score out of 10 as part of their review. When you’ve received at least three reviews, we display a Guest Review Score for your property that is the average of these overall scores.

We also ask guests a series of optional questions, but their responses to these don’t count towards your Guest Review Score.


How does the guest review form work?

Guests select an overall score from 1 to 10 to rate their experience at your property. This is the only question guests are required to answer before they can submit their review. The average of these scores is your publicly visible Guest Review Score.



We also ask your guests to rate your property in these six specific areas:

  • Cleanliness

  • Comfort

  • Value for money

  • Facilities

  • Location

  • Staff

All of these ratings are optional. They don’t count towards your Guest Review Score.

Guests can then provide more optional ratings, but these are about different topics for different guests. These also don’t count towards your Guest Review Score.

Finally, we encourage guests to provide open feedback, but this is also optional. The responses can give you helpful insights into your property’s performance. They can also be useful for guests considering booking a stay at your property.

Can guests submit a review without giving an overall review score?

No, guests must give at least an overall review score in order to be able to submit the review form.

Has this system completely replaced the old one?

Yes, this new system of giving a separate overall score has completely replaced the old system. It applies to properties and guests all over the world. If you received scores under the old system, they’ll remain part of your overall score for two years from the date you got them.

What role does play in calculating my score?

We don’t play any role in calculating your score. We just facilitate the process of collecting your reviews from guests. Your individual scores reflect actual guest experiences and they contribute directly to your overall Guest Review Score.

What is the value of the review system?

Guest reviews are one of the most important aspects of your property info for people visiting Our system of verified traveler reviews provides credible info that helps people make booking decisions.

We built this review system based on feedback from guests and partners, and we use their ongoing input to continually improve it. We’ve designed it to help gather constructive feedback in a transparent way, and to be fair to all properties.

Where can I analyze guest reviews for my property?

You can see your reviews under the “Guest Reviews” section of the Extranet. In the “Analytics” section, you can see how your score has changed over time and how it compares to your choice of comparable properties.