How is my review score calculated?

Your overall average review score is calculated based on all the given scores which are displayed online.

When you have at least 5 reviews displayed on your page, your property’s score will be calculated and shown on the website.

Every time you receive a review, or whenever a review expires, it takes 48 hours for our system to synchronize all platforms (Extranet, public page, mobile app, etc.) with the updated information.

As a result, the approval date of the last reviews affects when the updates will take place. The system automatically calculates the score and there's no way for us to modify it manually.

How we calculate your average score

Guests can evaluate 6 separate categories with 4 smiley or sad faces, each face counting for a score of 2.5.

When we calculate your average score, we add up the scores for Cleanliness, Comfort, Location, Facilities, Staff, and Value, and we divide this number by 6 (i.e. the number of individual categories)* So each review that comes in won’t make an immediate impact on your property average score.

When guests don’t give a score for a given category, that category score defaults to zero and won’t be used when calculating your average score.Reviews automatically expire after 24 months. The system will need another 48 hours to recalculate your average score and publish it on your page. Reviews that are older than 24 months are deleted automatically so that the most relevant and recent reviews appear to customers. This means the review score will change over time.

*Note: You might have noticed a new Additional Ratings section under the Guest Reviews tab on your Extranet. These ratings are not included in the calculation of your overall review score. Instead, you can use the ratings as added feedback that can help you improve things like breakfast, coffee, WiFi or photos.