Where can I see my guest reviews?

The Guest Reviews tab on the Extranet helps you understand what your guests liked about their stay and what they thought could be improved.

Under this tab, you’ll find all reviews from the last 24 months, plus your average review score and ratings for extras like breakfast and WiFi.

The tab is divided into 3 sections:

  • Guest reviews
  • Average review score
  • Additional ratings

Guest reviews

This section shows you all your reviews from the last 24 months, with the newest at the top. For each review, you can see the total review score, as well as how the guest rated individual categories like location and cleanliness. It also includes the guest’s name, reservation number, and comments, if they left any.

If the guest left an anonymous review, we don’t include their name, reservation number or date of submission.

If a guest leaves a comment, you can respond to their review by clicking the Reply button. Your replies will appear on your property page under the guest’s comments. You can find more info about replying to reviews here.

Reviews won't show up if the guest didn’t stay at your property, or when the review is over 24 months old. They disappear from your Guest Reviews tab first, then from your property page 48 hours later.

Average review score

This section shows your score for each of the 6 main categories (staff, facilities, cleanliness, comfort, location, and value), as well as your overall average score.

Seeing each category should help give you a clearer picture of where your property is doing well, and where you could make improvements.

Your overall average score is calculated within 48 hours of a new guest review, or within 48 hours of a review being removed.

Additional ratings

In this section, you can see how guests reviewed other factors like breakfast or WiFi. These ratings do not specifically contribute to your average score. However, they might show up independently on your Booking.com page.