How can I stop bookings being made for a certain date?

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It's easy to close a room or unit when you don’t want to receive any bookings on a specific date. Check which of the screenshots matches what you see on the Extranet, then follow the corresponding steps.

Option 1: List view calendar

If using the List view calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click Calendar under the Rates & Availability tab.
  2. To close individual dates, click an open/bookable date (highlighted in green).
  3. It will turn red after clicking it, meaning it’s now closed for that specific date.
    • To make changes for longer periods: 1. Click the Bulk edit button, and a panel will show up on the right side. 2. Select the dates you want to close, then click the Room status box. 3. Click Close room, then Save changes when you're done.
    • You can also make bulk changes to your availability, restrictions, and prices.  
  4. You can close the room completely, or just close a specific rate plan by clicking the top part of a cell in the rate plan row. A pop-up will appear where you can select Close.
  5. Click Save when you're done, and the color of the cell will change.

Remember: There can be different reasons for why your room is not bookable on on a specific date, such as:

  • You manually closed your room: you’ll see a red Closed label
  • You entered the value "0" for the number of rooms to sell: You’ll see a red No inventory label
  • You sold the rooms you loaded in the calendar: You’ll see a red Sold out label
  • You haven’t loaded any prices: You’ll see a red No price label
  • All your rate plans are closed/inactive: You’ll see a red Rate closed label
  • You have a combination of all the above issues: You’ll see a red Multiple blockers label

Option 2: Monthly view calendar

If using the Monthly view calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and select the Calendar & pricing or Rates & Availability tab.
  2. On the upper left-hand side, click the room or unit you want to update.
  3. On the right side, select the desired dates from Start date to End date, or by selecting the period directly in the calendar.
  4. Click Closed, then Save when you're done. It'll become red, meaning the room is now closed for that specific date.

Tip: You can also check your long-term availability by switching your calendar to Yearly view.

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