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Digital event security standards

Updated 4 months ago

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Highlight: For digital events, Booking.com doesn’t ask for payment info or important credentials (e.g. Extranet passwords), and event communications always come from Booking.com and BlueJeans (our video conference vendor) branded email addresses.

As the world has gradually moved more toward embracing digital means of communication for their practicality and ease of use, we’ve also seen an increase in illegal activities targeting participants of webinars and other forms of live or on-demand digital events.

Either through social engineering or phishing, scammers try to take advantage of people’s trust in well-known brands. With this in mind, we’d like to remind all our partners that Booking.com maintains strict digital security standards, which result in the following:

  • No digital event organized by Booking.com will ever require payment or payment info.
  • Partners will never be required to register for digital events using the same credentials (e.g. passwords) they use for the Booking.com Extranet.
  • Communications about digital events will always come from either: (1) Booking.com branded email addresses (most often ending with @events.partners.booking.com); (2) emails from BlueJeans, the only vendor currently used by Booking.com to host digital events (ending with @bluejeans.com)

Note: Should changes of any kind be made to Booking.com digital event registration processes, vendorship, or payment procedures for digital events, communications will be sent proactively by Booking.com and will always come directly from Booking.com through branded email addresses. Such communications will never come from a third party.

While the threats of social engineering and phishing can never be fully mitigated, through simple prevention and attention to detail, we can continue enjoying the benefits of digital communications without risking our personal information and safety.

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