Everything you need to know about the compliance center

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In the compliance center, you can manage a wide range of compliance-related tasks for your properties. Learn how to access it and the tasks you can perform.

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Understanding the compliance center 

The compliance center is your single platform for managing your properties’ compliance tasks. Here’s what you can do in the compliance center:

  • View your compliance status – Action requiredVerification in processVerification failed, or Compliant.
  • Access your Know Your Partner (KYP) form.
  • View the deadline for submitting your KYP form and the consequences of failing to do so.
  • Download your DAC7 data report if you’re eligible.
  • Access links to helpful articles about the regulations that apply to you.

Accessing the compliance center

You can access the compliance center from your property account and group Extranet. Due to the sensitive nature of the information submitted to the compliance center, only the primary account holder can access it. If there are multiple accounts for a single property or group of properties, the primary account holder has full access to all pages on the Extranet.

Here’s how to access the compliance center:

  1. Log in to the Extranet.
  2. Click the user account icon.
  3. Click compliance center.
  4. The overview page displays a list of entities—properties and units—as well as their statuses and additional info. Click an entity’s name to view compliance details such as any required actions.

Submitting your KYP form and downloading DAC7 reports

KYP forms

To comply with legal and regulatory requirements, we need to collect and verify some information about you and your property via the KYP forms. 

Here’s how to submit your KYP forms:

  1. Access the compliance center.
  2. Click the relevant entity’s name.
  3. Under the Know Your Partner (KYP) section, click Submit form or Resubmit form if you want to resubmit or make changes to your KYP form.
  4. Follow the instructions in each KYP form to provide different info about your business.

Remember, some information contained in the KYP form, like the contract name, can’t be changed in the compliance center. You can only do this through a separate recontracting process by signing a new contract with us.


DAC7 reports

Your DAC7 reports show a summary of the data about you and your earnings on our platform.

To download your DAC7 reports, follow these steps:

  1. Access the compliance center.
  2. Click the relevant entity’s name.
  3. Under the Reports section, click Download.

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