Attract more mobile bookers by omitting address details

Updated 3 months ago

Do you want to attract more mobile and last-minute bookers?Keep things streamlined for guests by not asking for address details. If you allow reservations without this info, you’ll appeal to bookers who are on the move, plus those looking for last-minute accommodations. It’s an easy way to fill your empty rooms and boost your bookings.

To activate this, visit the Opportunity Center, find the opportunity, and then click on Take action.

Go to Opportunity Center

If you don’t see this option in your Opportunity Center, just follow the steps below:

1.) Log on to the Extranet and click on Property.

2.) Select Policies, thenscroll down to Guest Information. Click on Change/Add details to switch the "no address details" on or off.

3.) Remember to click Save when you’re done.

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Unlock your local market with last-minute mobile bookings

As local demand starts to increase on our site, 74% of bookings will come from a mobile phone. Add a mobile rate to your property to increase your visibility with these customers, who also tend to book at the last minute.

Add a mobile rate