Can I set up the same policies for all of my properties all at once?

Updated 3 months ago

You can save time and set up cancellation policies for multiple properties—or your entire property portfolio—in just a few minutes:

  1. Click on the Property tab in any of your properties’ Extranets.
  2. Select Policies.
  3. Under Cancellation & Prepayment Policies, click on Apply to all properties below the relevant cancellation policy (either Flexible or Non-refundable).
  4. Review the settings for the policy.
  5. Click on Edit to make changes, or click on Next to continue.
  6. Click on Apply to selected to finalize the policy setup.

Note: To access this feature, you need to have an Extranet group account for managing multiple properties. If you manage multiple properties, but don’t have a group account yet, contact us to set it up.

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