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In this article, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our payment procedures and products for partners who don’t use Payments by For information about bank transfers or virtual credit cards (VCCs), find frequently asked questions about Payments by here

Key takeaways

  • To find out if you’re active on or eligible for payments products, go to the Extranet’s Finance page and check the drop-down menu for the Getting paid or Payments by options. If neither appear, you’re not active or eligible. 
  • If you don’t use Payments by, you’re responsible for collecting payments and providing invoices to your guests.

In this article

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To find out if your property is active on or eligible for Payments by, log in to the Extranet and click Finance to see the drop-down menu.

    • If the Getting paid or Virtual cards management options appear, it means you’re already active on Payments by Click it to learn more.
    • If the Payments by option appears, you’re eligible for the service but it isn’t active yet. To activate it, select the option and click Yes, sign me up now at the bottom of the page. 

    If none of the options (Getting paid, Virtual cards management, or Payments by appear in the drop-down menu, your property isn’t eligible for this service.

  • You can find more information about charging a damage deposit here.

  • You need to provide your guests with an invoice when they check out. This is because the reservation agreement is a direct transaction between you and your guest, not with You can provide the invoice on paper, by email, or both.

    Here’s some more important information about invoices:

    • We hold no responsibility for invoicing, and we don’t send invoices for any reservations to you or your guests.
    • Make sure to issue invoices in your guest’s name or another name you’ve agreed on with them.
    • You can use your invoices for tax declarations or other record keeping purposes.
  • For more information about invoices, see this article.

  • If a guest makes changes to a reservation like changing the number of guests, you may need to raise or lower the reservation fee. To do so, contact us for assistance with changes to the reservation.

  • The total amount shown on your invoice only includes amounts we charge commission on, such as room rates, certain taxes, and other fees. To find out more about local taxes, see this article.

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