How can I add or make changes to a meal plan?

Depending on what you offer guests, you can add food and/or drink options to your Extranet.

Option 1: Add or edit a food and/or drink option that's included in prices or payable on arrival

  1. Click on the Property tab and select Facilities & Services.
  2. Scroll down to add or update any necessary info.
  3. Click Save when you’re done.

Option 2: Add or edit a meal for specific room rates

  1. Click on Rates & Availability and select Rate Plans.
  2. You can either click Edit under any of the existing rates or click Add new rate plan.
  3. Under Do you want to include meals in this rate plan?, check any meal that you want to include in the rate.
  4. Click Review and then select Save rate category in the next step.

Tip: Under Facilities & Services,you can also indicate what type of meals you offer, like continental or buffet breakfasts, and even special diet options.