How do I set up extra beds and cribs for my property?

Updated 3 months ago

Extra beds and cribs are handy, flexible sleeping options that you can provide on the room level.

Note: Extra bed and crib occupancy and prices are not displayed or included in rates during the booking process. Instead guests can see this info under the House rulesof your property page and in their booking confirmation. We’re aware that guests might overlook this, so we’re working on a more flexible solution for family-related policies.

To make changes to all policies for extra beds at your property:

  1. Go to the Property tab and click on Policies.
  2. Scroll down to see all your policy types.
  3. Find the Extra bed & crib options section and click Edit.
  4. Select the number of adults and children that can stay in extra beds or cribs per room, any supplements by age range, and the maximum age for children allowed to stay in extra beds/cribs.
  5. Select Preview to review your changes, then click Save when you’re done.

To set up room occupancy and rates shown to guests and included in their total price, you have to configure your room occupancy and pricing for families. Learn more by reading How do I set up a room for children? as well as How do I set up rates for children?.

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