How do I set up policies for children at my property?

Updated 6 months ago

The Children policies and rates section of the Extranet’s Policies page lets you show whether your property accepts children up to a certain age, or doesn’t allow children at all.

To update or make changes to policies on children staying at your property:

  1. Go to the Property tab and click Policies.
  2. In the Children & extra beds section*, click Edit under Child policies and rates to adjust the following:
    • Whether you allow children to stay at your property
    • The minimum age of children allowed to stay at your property

Note: Setting up your property to not allow children will prevent your property from being displayed to guests who search with one or more children. Those guests won’t be able to book your property.

* You might also see the Set your property’s occupancy and child rates banner, which will take you to a page where you can set up policies, rooms, and pricing for families all in one place. This can be quicker than doing each one individually.


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