Activating and processing payments with Booking Holdings Financial Services

Updated 2 months ago | 2 min read

Before Booking Holdings Financial Services (BHFS) can start processing your payments, you need to activate the service. You’ll be asked to agree to BHFS’ terms and conditions (the BHFS Payments Agreement) and complete the BHFS Know Your Partner (KYP) form. For info on how to complete the KYP form, check out this article.

After BHFS verifies your identity and you enter into the BHFS Payments Agreement, we’ll notify you by email that the KYP process is complete. Later, we'll also let you know when BHFS will start processing your payments. This will be your BHFS activation date.


What activation means for you

After your activation date, BHFS will handle all your payouts and, in certain cases, the payments you make to under your agreement.

Depending on your payout method, keep in mind that once BHFS begins processing your payments:

  1. The bank account name and number you’re paid from will change. You can find these banking details on the Financial overview page in the Extranet’s Finance section.
  2. Your payout statement will contain a new column called “Company name” that will show what B.V. and BHFS owe you. You can find your payout statement under Payout information in the Extranet’s Finance section.

Everything else related to payouts and your day-to-day operations will stay the same.

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