Card validation and fee collection solution

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Guests who pay for their booking at your property instead of online on our platform need to provide their credit card details at the time of booking. These need to be validated, and the risk associated with the process needs to be managed. Our credit card validation and cancellation fee collection solution can help reduce this workload.

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How the solution works

This solution takes care of validating guests’ credit cards, charging cancellation or no-show fees, and taking liability for any chargebacks, with the ultimate goal of establishing strong customer authentication. There’s no extra fee for this solution, and all partners are eligible as long as they use Payments by Booking and have at least one non-prepayment and free cancellation policy available. You can opt out of this anytime.

Here’s how the solution works:

  • If you sign up for this solution, we’ll validate credit cards whenever guests book your flexible no-prepayment policies. Guests pay you directly when they arrive at your property.
  • We take care of securely storing credit card details instead of sending them to you.
  • If a guest cancels or no-shows, we charge the guest and collect cancellation and no-show fees on your behalf.
  • Once we collect the fee, we’ll pay it to you via virtual credit card.
  • You won’t be charged any commission if fee collection isn’t successful.

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How the solution benefits you

  • You’ll reduce your processes because you won’t need to validate or pre-authorize guest credit cards, or collect cancellation/no-show fees.
  • Because guest credit cards are validated during the free cancellation period, the risk associated with invalid credit cards is reduced.
  • We take on the risks of chargebacks resulting from cancellation or no-show fee collection, and waive commission on any fees that can’t be collected.
  • We take care of information security so you don’t need to worry about storing guest credit card details securely or complying with SCA standards.

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