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Payments by is a payment solution that enables us to facilitate all of your guests’ payments to you, and to pay them out via virtual credit card or bank transfer. This solution can help you get more bookings, reduce the risk of fraud, and save time on admin. Payments by also offers more security and payments guaranteed for non-refundable bookings, as well as with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) protection provided for transactions in the European Economic Area and UK.

How much you pay depends on your payout method and where your property is located, since processing fees differ per country. 

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Payments by cost overview

You don’t need to pay a set-up fee or additional commission to join Payments by We charge a fee for bookings you receive from us, and this fee depends on the payout method you select – virtual credit card or bank transfer.

You’ll only be charged for completed bookings. No fees are collected when you waive a fee to offer guests free cancellation.

Costs for virtual credit card payouts

The cost for receiving a payout via virtual credit card replaces the fee you’d pay to your credit card company for charging guests directly. Most payment service providers also charge fees per transaction. This payment now goes toward charging the virtual credit card per reservation instead.

When using a virtual credit card, you receive your payouts according to your booking’s policy. You can find more info on these policies on the Extranet.

Costs for bank transfer payouts

When you receive a payout by bank transfer for the value of a reservation, you’ll be charged a fee that consists of payment processing costs, chargeback and fraud risk expenses, and, where applicable, SCA costs. The fee varies depending on your property’s location, and will be between 1.1% and 3.1%.

Payment processing costs are made up of three components:

  1. PSP fees – charged by our payment service provider to process the payment, including collecting the payment from the customer (payer)
  2. Scheme fees – charged by the card scheme companies, like Visa or Mastercard, for using their networks
  3. Interchange fees – charged by the customer’s issuing bank to approve the credit

If you opt for payout via bank transfer, you’ll receive your payout for a reservation after your guest checks out. How you pay the payment charge and our commission depends on your location. There are two options:

  • Our commission and the payment charge will both be deducted from every payout you receive
  • You’ll pay the commission and payout charge for every reservation in one go at the end of the month

You can find out which is applicable to your property on your Payments by page.

Eligibility for Payments by

Find out if you’re eligible for Payments by—and see how much it’ll cost—by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click the Finance tab
  3. Select either Payments by or Online Payments, depending on your location and settings

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