US Payments Ranking Benefit: How extra visibility in search results works for US properties using Online Payments

Updated 1 year ago | 2 min read

Using our Online Payments service, you can benefit from guaranteed payments when you’re owed money and protection against revenue lost from invalid credit cards. For guests, Online Payments also makes the booking process easier and clearer, with no unexpected charges and the flexibility to book with their payment method of choice.

In addition, if you use Online Payments, you can increase your visibility in search results on our platform. Here’s what you need to know about getting additional visibility in search results if you sign up for Online Payments.

How extra visibility with Online Payments works

Participation in Online Payments will be added as a new parameter influencing the ranking of your property on our platform. This means that if you use Online Payments, you’ll get additional visibility in search results. More guests seeing your property could lead to an average of 10% more bookings compared to properties not using the service – which means increased year-round revenue for you on our platform. Keep in mind that the extra visibility is currently only available for properties located in the United States.

Even more visibility if you also use our other programs

The extra visibility will work with our other partner programs, such as Genius and Preferred. This means that if you already participate in Genius or Preferred, you’ll continue to receive the same visibility benefits from those programs, with extra visibility on top. In addition, you’ll still be able to benefit from our Sponsored Ads service, and your property listing will be featured in the second position in search results if you win the auction.

Opting out of Online Payments

If you choose to opt out of our Online Payments service, you won’t be able to benefit from the extra visibility received.


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