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Temporary changes for virtual credit card activation date (VCC)

Updated 4 months ago

Due to the unprecedented levels of disruption caused by the coronavirus, will refund guests who cancel their reservations under our Force Majeure conditions if they used payment methods facilitated by

In turn, this also means that accommodation partners such as yourself must refund the virtual credit card payouts you receive from 

What’s happening?

Due to the crisis situation and in an attempt to better protect the best interests of our partners and guests, we decided to change the activation date of all outstanding and future virtual credit cards (VCC) to the day after check-in, effective immediately as of March 19, 2020.

How does this change impact me?

For reservations that aren’t subject to Force Majeure, the following applies:

  • If guests honor their reservations and stay at your property, you can charge the virtual credit card one day after their check-in dates.

  • If guests cancel their reservations after the deadline or no-show, you can charge virtual credit cards one day after their original check-in dates.  

For reservations that are subject to Force Majeure, guests will be allowed to cancel for free. In those cases, you won’t charge the virtual credit cards:

  • For all virtual credit cards with reservations made in the past, we’ll collectively change the activation date to “the day after check-in.”  

Any temporary disruptions when charging your virtual credit cards will be related to this temporary change.

We know these are very unusual times, and hope we can count on your understanding.

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