All you need to know about the Quality Rating for home and apartment-like properties

We recently introduced a quality rating system for homes and apartments that appear on It’s similar to the star system that already exists for hotels, and designed to more easily help guests find properties that match their requirements.

Until now, guests haven’t been able to search for homes and apartments by stars on To help them find properties that match their criteria, we’ve introduced a new way to classify these properties.

The new ratings are based on an algorithm which takes into account things like how complete your property info has been filled out on the Extranet, your cleanliness review score, and more.

To achieve the most accurate rating, we recommend that you make sure:

  • All your facilities and amenities are correctly configured for all available units.
  • All unit sizes and bed configurations are correctly configured for all available units.

We also recommend that you reflect the reality of your property as accurately as possible when filling in this information. This will help avoid overselling your property – which can lead to negative reviews.

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Which properties does this system apply to? 

At the moment, only properties classified as apartments, villas, or vacation homes on will be rated using this system.

To be included in this rating system, your property must also have:

  • All sizes, bathrooms, and bedrooms configured for all open-bookable units
  • No existing star rating on the Extranet
  • An overall cleanliness score of 6.0 or higher (if your property has a review score)

Can I remove this rating from my page?

We know properties with quality ratings get more bookings, so there is currently no option to remove the rating from your property.

How can I improve and/or maintain my rating?

It’s important that your rating is as accurate as possible because exagerating your property can lead to a negative guest experience. We recommend you fill out your facilities, amenities, bathrooms, bedrooms, and sizes accurately and completely. 

I updated the information on the Extranet, but my rating hasn't changed. How long does it take? 

We review quality ratings on a rolling basis, so changes you make won't be immediately reflected in your rating. But they could quickly improve your review score, which will help you get more bookings!

Is this system applicable to properties all over the world? 

Yes, all eligible properties are included in this rating system. To see if you’re eligible, check the info in question 1.

When will it be available for other property types? 

We're working hard to give quality ratings to all non-hotel properties. So if you're not included right now, we hope to give you a rating soon.

Why is my rating higher or lower than I expected?

Not all properties qualify for a rating, so being awarded any quality rating is a great thing! The rating is based on many things, such as the size and location of your property, amenities and facilities you offer, as well as your cleanliness and overall review scores. Remember, these ratings aren't permanent and are periodically updated to be as accurate as possible.

Is this system replacing guest reviews?

No – this rating system is designed to complement guest reviews and help potential guests easily find what they’re looking for.

Which guests will see my rating?

All guests browsing will be able to see ratings. 

I don’t have a quality rating. What should I do to get one?

We regularly check to see if there are new properties that meet our eligibility criteria. Once your property has been verified as eligible, your quality rating will be displayed next to your property name. Keep in mind that, when you update your settings on the Extranet, it can take some time before your new rating is displayed.

I am managing multiple properties whose facilities are almost identical. Why do they have different ratings? 

Each property’s rating is based on the info you’ve configured in the system (facilities, amenities, photos, sizes, bedrooms, bathrooms), guest review score, and a machine learning algorithm. If your properties have a different rating, it’s because one or more of these criteria might be different.