Guest Q&A feature

Updated 2 years ago

Highlight: A recently released feature allows guests to directly ask partners any questions they might have before booking. These questions will be displayed on property pages along with the answers provided by partners.

What is the guest Q&A feature about?

Launched to help partners answer any questions guests may have with an added level of proactivity, this Q&A feature gives properties on the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns that might not be covered in their descriptions. These include (but aren’t limited to) safety, health, and hygiene.

How does it work?

Once published, Q&As can be up/downvoted by any guests browsing through the listing where there’s a Q&A . As a result, the most popular Q&As (those with the most upvotes) appear first. This not only helps current guests book properties with added reassurance but also helps future guests make better informed decisions about which properties to book.

All Q&As go through moderation before getting published. Questions must be written in a language spoken by the partner in order to be accepted. Partners still have the option to reply to guests privately for appropriate situations. If any Q&As become outdated or irrelevant, partners can remove them freely.

Note: This feature can be used by all guests before booking their stays; it isn’t part of the normal reservation-focused messaging process. 

Can all partners use this feature?

All accommodation partners can use this feature. To opt out, partners can go to the Extranet’s Inbox tab, where they’ll find “Guest Q&A preferences” in the “Questions for your property” section.

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