Room or unit differentiation tool for accommodation partners: FAQs

Updated 8 months ago | 5 min read

The room or unit differentiation tool helps you secure more bookings by letting you highlight the unique features of your rooms or units. This way, your property can be more visible in our search results, especially to travelers who choose these features as their preferences.

  • It uses information from the following:

    • Your guest reviews
    • Your room or unit descriptions
    • Amenities in your other rooms or units
    • The most popular features, amenities and facilities on our platform according to our research and data
  • We’ll add the information you provide to your property page, including sections about specific rooms and units. We’ll also use this information to help make sure your rooms or units appear in relevant search results when travellers are looking for features you offer. And when we make guests an upgrade offer for a higher-priced room or unit at your property, we’ll also show them information about the features that make that room or unit different. Learn more about how we upsell your room here.

  • Yes. As long as you have at least two different room or unit types, the tool can help you clearly explain why you charge different rates for them. Displaying this may encourage potential guests to book the more expensive option.

  • Yes. Even if you charge the same rates for all your rooms or units, the tool can still help you improve the quality of your room or unit information. It can do this by recommending that you add details about specific amenities that previous guests have mentioned in reviews.

  • Travellers find it difficult to understand the difference between rooms or units if many of the photos are the same. This is especially true for more expensive rooms or units, where travellers can’t refer to the photos to work out which additional features or amenities they're paying extra money for. Replacing duplicate photos can help make this clearer and encourage potential guests to book a more expensive option.

  • The Room/Unit differentiation tool lets you know which amenities travellers are searching for, and what previous guests have mentioned in reviews. We recommend that you add photos of the room or unit amenities that are most attractive to potential guests.

  • No, it doesn’t influence your content score. It doesn’t directly impact your ranking in search results either, but providing the recommended information can indirectly boost your visibility among travellers using search filters for specific room or unit features.

  • The tool isn’t available via Connectivity providers. However, if your provider supports the Content API, you can review, update and manage your property’s photos and information about facilities and exclusive services using their platform.

  • If you work with a Connectivity provider and usually manage your property’s content using their platform, it may overwrite any content changes you make directly in the extranet, including using this tool. You’ll need to continue updating your content manually via your Connectivity provider’s platform instead.

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