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The Travel Sustainable program is how we’re making it easier for everyone to make more sustainable travel choices. As part of the program, we offer educational resources and support to help you improve the sustainability of your business. To join the program and work toward getting the Travel Sustainable badge added to your property page, add or update your answers to sustainability practices on the Extranet by indicating which ones you’ve implemented at your property. If your current impact is high enough, you'll receive an email letting you know your Travel Sustainable Level within 24 hours. You'll then be allocated a Travel Sustainable badge that will be shown to guests within 48 hours. Learn more about the program in this Solutions article, as well as in these FAQs.

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Working toward a Travel Sustainable Level

The Travel Sustainable badge is a recognition of your sustainability efforts and helps travelers more easily identify properties that have implemented sustainable practices. To reach levels, you need to indicate which sustainability practices you’ve implemented at your property by updating your sustainability practices on the Extranet. We assess eligibility using a set of criteria adjusted to your local context, taking into account things like structural constraints and available technology.

The badge recognizes properties as being at one of three levels, or for those with eligible third-party certification, at a dedicated level. To learn more about these levels, check out our Travel Sustainable Handbook.

In addition to the Travel Sustainable badge, we display some third-party accreditations on your property page. Click here to learn more about getting certified.

Program conditions and verification

The success of the Travel Sustainable program depends on the accuracy of the info we receive from partners like you. We work with a third-party auditor to check that the info you provide about your property and sustainability practices is true and accurate. If discrepancies are found, we’ll remove the practice from your property page until we receive evidence of it having been implemented. This could impact your level status.

After a guest stays with you, we’ll also ask them to complete a survey about the accuracy of the info on your property page about your facilities, services, and sustainability practices. In the survey, we’ll only ask guests about the sustainability practices you told us you’ve adopted, and which are visible on your property page.

By joining the Travel Sustainable program, you agree:

  • To provide us with accurate info about your property and sustainability practices
  • To allow us to have your sustainability practices audited
  • That you understand your responsibilities regarding verification
  • That you understand the types of verification methodologies
  • That you understand that the Travel Sustainable program is in its pilot phase

To learn more about the program conditions, see our Travel Sustainable Handbook. You can also find frequently asked questions about the program in this article.

Updating your sustainability practices on the Extranet

Here’s how to update your sustainability practices on the Extranet:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then Sustainability practices
  3. In the Sustainability practices section, answer yes or no to each practice question
  4. Click Save to finalize

You can always update your answers later.

Only the sustainability practices you have in place are visible on your property page. We won’t display the practices you don’t have in place, but indicating what they are can help us understand what resources and support we need to provide in the future.

Updating your sustainability practices via your connectivity provider

If you work with a connectivity provider, you may be able to add sustainability practices to your property page through their platform. Reach out to your provider to ask about displaying your sustainability practices on our platform.  Your Travel Sustainable Level will only be visible on the Extranet. 

Sustainability practices not listed on the Extranet

If you’ve implemented additional practices that we don’t currently list on the Extranet, you can let us know by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then select Sustainability practices
  3. Click on Share your feedback
  4. Fill out the form and click Submit

You won’t receive a response to submissions via this form, but we’ll use your feedback when we update future sustainability practices available on the Extranet.

Adding your chain’s sustainability program

We work directly with our Chains team to collect and display info from eligible sustainability programs. For a chain program to be eligible, it must be compulsory for all properties shown under the chain code in our systems. All properties also need to use the same brand name.

Ultimately, Travalyst’s independent advisory group reviews all hotel programs to decide which are eligible – Booking.com will display them on that basis.

If you’d like your chain’s sustainability program to be displayed on our platform, reach out to your Booking.com account manager or leave us your feedback here

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