Using the room/unit differentiation tool for more high-value bookings

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The room/unit differentiation tool helps you secure bookings by allowing you to highlight the unique features of each of your rooms or units. This helps match travelers with the stay that’s best suited to their preferences. If you operate a hotel or a chain of hotels, you’ll see this as the room differentiation tool on the Extranet. If you run a non-hotel property, such as a home property, you’ll see this as the unit differentiation tool.

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How the room/unit differentiation tool works

The room/unit differentiation tool lets you display the specific features, amenities, and facilities that each of your rooms or units have. This allows potential guests to see the variations between each of your rooms or units, prompting them to book the one that fits their preferences and budgets.

The tool works by estimating the completeness of your room or unit info, and recommending quick actions you can take to highlight the most attractive features, amenities, and facilities.

It recommends actions based on:

  • Your guest reviews
  • Your room or unit descriptions
  • Amenities in your other rooms or units
  • The most popular features, amenities, and facilities on our platform according to our research and data

The tool divides the recommendations into six categories:

  • Room or unit amenity info that you’re missing
  • The most popular amenities on our platform
  • Amenities you offer but aren’t showcasing
  • Suggestions for improving your photos
  • Info about room or unit size that you’re not displaying
  • Info about exclusive services that’s missing

You can choose which recommendations you’d like to act on by selecting a category to add or update with the necessary info. Once you save your changes, we’ll update the info on the Extranet and your property page.

Benefits of the tool

Travelers are more likely to book a more expensive option if it’s clear what they’re getting for the price. Specifying the features, amenities, and facilities in each of your rooms or units can be a deciding factor for potential bookers.

When using the tool to highlight a feature of your room or unit, your property may be more visible in our search results to travelers who’ve specified this feature in their preferences. Our research shows this may encourage guests to upgrade to a more expensive option between the booking and the check-in phase. On top of that, providing this extra clarity can help you save time by reducing the number of messages asking for this information.

How to use the room/unit differentiation tool

You can access the tool via the Opportunities tab:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Opportunities, then Room/unit differentiation tool
  3. Follow the steps to generate and implement the tool’s recommendations

For more info on the room/unit differentiation tool, take a look at these FAQs. To learn about ways to offer guests opportunities to make a paid upgrade, take a look at this article on upselling your rooms.

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