How do I change my position on the map?

Updated 3 months ago

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Highlight: You can change your map location to better reflect the exact position of your property.

Properties on have geographic coordinates associated with them that appear on the map. These are initially selected during registration and help guests understand where properties are located. They also make it possible to understand distances to local landmarks and other points of interest.

How do I change my position on the map?

If you want to change or refine your current map location, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Extranet’s inbox
  • Go to messages
  • Click “Compose new message”
  • Select the “Property details” topic
  • Select the “Adjust your location on the map” subtopic

Following these steps will launch the map location adjustment process. You’ll then be able to drag a red pin that marks your property to the appropriate location on the map.

The red pin that marks your location must remain connected to your address. If you make a significant move, you will be prompted to update your property address.

It can take up to 48 hours for distances mentioned in your property description to be updated after a location change.

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