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How can I change my main photo?

Updated 4 months ago

It’s easy to change your main photo – just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Extranet’s Property page and select “Photos.”
  2. The first photo that appears under “Photo gallery” will show on your page and in search results as the main photo.
  3. To change this, click and drag an alternative photo into this space.

To upload a new main photo:

  1. Click the blue button, “Upload more photos,” found above “Photo gallery.”
  2. Once the new photo appears in the gallery, click and drag it to the first position to replace the existing main photo.

Note: Occasionally, the main photo you’ve chosen on the Extranet may not match the main photo displayed on your property page. This is usually due to temporary website experiments that we run to help you get more page views and more bookings.

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