How can I delete a room/unit?

Updated 3 months ago

If you've made changes to your property and (some of) your rooms/units are no longer available to book, you can delete them from

Scenario 1: You have no upcoming reservations for this room/unit

  1. Click the Property tab on the Extranet and select Room details/Property layout.
  2. Select the room/unit you want to remove and click Delete.

Scenario 2: You have upcoming reservations for this room/unit

In this case, you cannot delete the room/unit for now, but you’ll still need to make changes within Rates & Availability.

  1. Click the Rates & Availability tab on the Extranet and select Calendar.
  2. Close the room/unit by clicking Bulk edit under the name of the room type/unit. A panel will appear to the right-hand side.
  3. Select the date range you'd would like to close the room/unit for. Then click Room status and select Close room. After clicking Save changes, your room/unit will be closed and the fields will turn red.
  4. Once the last of your upcoming bookings have been honored, follow the steps in Scenario 1 to delete the room/unit permanently.

Note: If you have an upcoming booking for a room/unit but need to remove it immediately, you must honor the booking and accommodate guests in a room/unit of the same category/standard. This results in good guest experiences, and usually stronger guest reviews.

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