How can I get more bookings from mobile devices?

Updated 2 weeks ago

Increase bookings from mobile devices by 26% with a special Mobile Rate discount of 10% or more. Mobile Rates also help target millennials who are more likely to book from mobile devices.

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The Mobile Rate is a special discount that’s only visible to guests using mobile devices.

A majority of all reservations on are made from mobile devices. By offering a Mobile Rate, you can tap into this large group of bookers.

When you offer a Mobile Rate, a special badge will appear next to your property in search results, your property page, and your check-out page, which will improve conversion from mobile bookers.

The discount you set (we recommend 10%) will only appear in the app and mobile browsers. Mobile Rates function like targeted rates, active year-round with a maximum of 30 blackout dates.

Properties that offer Mobile Rates boost their conversion on mobile devices by an average of 26%. You should see an improvement within 10-12 weeks.

*Mobile Rates apply to all your rooms and rate plans. The discount stacks on top of discounts from the Genius program, as well as any other promotions you’ve set up. However, it doesn’t add stack on top of Country Rates or Deal of the Day.

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Unlock your local market with last-minute mobile bookings

As local demand starts to increase on our site, 74% of bookings will come from a mobile phone. Add a mobile rate to your property to increase your visibility with these customers, who also tend to book at the last minute.

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