How can I set up deals and availability to attract early bookers?

Updated 3 months ago

Load availability for early bookers

A good way to attract more visitors to your property is to load availability far in advance. On, you can show prices for up to 16 months ahead of booking.You’ll stand out to early-bird bookers and keep your page visible to travelers looking to book their trip as early as possible. You can update your availability easily on the Extranet

Offer discounted rates to early bookers

You can attract even more early bookers by setting up an advance purchase rate. Just log on to the Extranet and click the Promotions tab to create a deal that appeals to customers booking far in advance.

You decide how early the guest can book and what discount you want to add to your existing rates.

1. Select Add promotions and click the Early Booker icon.

2. Complete all the necessary info, then click Review your promotion at the bottom of the page to see an overview of your new deal.

3. To set it live, click on Activate promotion and start receiving bookings!

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