How can I set up a non-refundable rate?

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With a non-refundable rate, guests pay the full price if they cancel, make changes or don’t show up.

Adding a non-refundable rate to your property can reduce cancellations and help you secure guaranteed payment for reservations.

There are different ways to add a non-refundable rate, depending on if you previously set up one for your property.

Scenario 1: It’s your first time setting up a fully non-refundable rate for your property

  1. Click on Add non-refundable rate under the Rates & Availability tab on your Extranet.
  2. A short list of questions will appear to guide you through the setup. Select the answers that best match your property’s needs.
  3. Click Review to double-check your selections.
  4. Click Activate rate plan to finalize the non-refundable rate. Depending on your previous selections, this might be the final step. Additional messages could appear to guide you through any extra steps.

Scenario 2: You previously set up a non-refundable rate for your property

First, make sure you created a non-refundable cancellation policy:

  1. Click on the Property tab on your Extranet and select Policies.
  2. Under Cancellation & Prepayment Policies, click on Create a new cancellation policy and add a Non-refundable policy.

Then, add a new rate plan in the Rates & Availability tab:

  1. Select Rate Plans, then click Add new rate plan and fill out all the necessary details.
  2. Click Review rate plan to check the details, then click Save rate plan.

The new non-refundable rate will now appear in your Calendar in the Rates & Availability tab. If you use a Channel Manager, you might be required by your provider to take additional steps to map your new rate plan.

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