How do I set up a room for children?

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To set up a room for families with children, you need to add child occupancy for each room within the “Bed options and occupancy” section under “Room details” on the “Property” tab. 

On this page, you can also review the adult and maximum occupancy for each room. This lets you decide the combination of adults and children allowed to stay in each room, and sell to both groups and families. For example, imagine your Double Room is set up to have a maximum of 2 adults, 2 children, and a maximum occupancy of 2 guests. This means the room allows either 2 adults, or 1 adult with 1 child, but not 2 adults with 2 children.

To update or make changes to rooms for children staying at your property:

  1. Go to the Property tab and click Room details.
  2. Click Edit on the room you want to configure
  3. In the Occupancy, section you can configure the total number of guests – both adults and children.
  4. Select Continue to review your changes, then click Save when you’re done.

Guests will see this occupancy info for each room on your property page. 

To set up child occupancy, you need to set up child rates as well. Otherwise children who stay at your property will be charged as adults. Find more info on how to set up rates for children in this article.

Note: The occupancy for adults and children is for existing beds only. Occupancy from guests staying in extra beds/cribs shouldn’t be included. Refer to this article for more info on setting up occupancy for extra beds and cribs. 

* You might also see the Set your property’s occupancy and child rates banner, which will take you to a page where you can set up policies, rooms, and pricing for families all in one place. This can be quicker than doing each one individually.


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