Activating the Limited-time Deal

Updated 7 months ago | 1.5 min read

The Limited-time Deal—formerly known as the Deal of the Day—is a minimum 40% discount that gives you a ranking boost. You can offer it once every two weeks. This deal increases your visibility in search results for your area, giving your property extra exposure for 48 hours. It’s an especially useful tool for fixing short-term occupancy issues.

To activate the Limited-time Deal, you need a review score of at least 7. Then, you can activate this deal by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet

  2. Click Promotions, then Choose new promotion

  3. Find the Limited-time Deal and click Add promotion – if you don’t see the deal in the list of promotions, it means you aren’t eligible

  4. Select the dates guests can book this promotion for, which rooms it will apply to, the size of the discount, and which dates guests can stay using this promotion

  5. Give your promotion a name if you want, then click Review your promotion

  6. Click Activate to finalize

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