Adding and editing meal plan info

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It’s a good idea to add info to your property page about any breakfast, lunch, or dinner options you offer. How you do this depends on whether those meals are included in all of your rates, payable by guests, on arrival as an extra, or only included in some of your rates.

Adding or editing a meal plan that’s payable by guests on arrival as an extra

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then Facilities & Services
  3. Under Meals, select Yes to indicate that you serve meals
  4. Tick the meals you offer, and for each one enter the price you charge per person, per day, including any extra fees or taxes
  5. If you indicate you serve breakfast, select the relevant options under Breakfast details to provide more info about what breakfast you serve and how. Then select the times you serve breakfast each day
  6. Click Save

Adding or editing a meal plan that’s included in specific rates

  1. Log in to the Extranet.
  2. Click Rates & Availability, then Rate plans.
  3. If you’d like to create a new Rate Plan that includes a meal plan, click Add new rate plan. If you’d like to either add a meal plan to or edit the meal plan details of an existing Rate Plan, click the name of that Rate Plan and click Edit.
  4. In the Meals row, click Edit.
  5. Select Yes, add a meal plan, then tick the meal plan options you’d like to include in that rate.
  6. Click Save, then Apply changes.

You can also increase your revenue by offering breakfast as an add-on to guests who have booked a stay without it. To find out how to do this, take a look at this article.

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