Adding or updating an existing policy to Flexible – 1 Day

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With travelers wanting the option to adapt their plans in case unforeseen circumstances prevent them from traveling, flexibility is crucial. A great way to stand out to these travelers is by offering flexible cancellation policies. Adding a new, more flexible policy or updating an existing policy to make it more flexible can help you secure more bookings in times of low demand and high uncertainty.

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Flexible – 1 Day policy

The Flexible – 1 Day policy is a great way to offer guests the most flexibility you can. This policy allows guests to cancel for free up to one day before their arrival date. If they cancel within one day of arrival, they’ll be charged the cost of the first night.

You can add a new policy or edit an existing one to become Flexible – 1 Day. For example, if you already offer a rate plan with free cancellation seven days in advance, you can edit this on the Rate Plans page to make it Flexible – 1 Day. This extends the cancellation period up to the day before check-in. Once you do this, you’ll also start appearing in the search results for people looking for more flexible policies, which will make your property visible and attractive to more travelers. Your rate plans that don't offer a free cancellation policy—for example, non-refundable bookings—will stay as they are, which helps you appeal to a diverse range of travelers in the future.

Adding a new Flexible – 1 Day rate plan

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Rates & Availability
    or Calendar & Pricing, then select Rate Plans 
  3. Select Add a new rate plan
  4. Under Flexible, click Add rate plan
  5. Select Flexible – 1 Day as the cancellation policy you want for this rate plan. If you don’t see this option, check that you have this policy type set up on the policies page
  6. Define the other features of your rate plan
  7. Click Review, then Activate rate plan to finalize
Add flexible rate plan

Editing your existing rate plans

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Rates & Availability, then select Rate Plans
  3. Select the existing rate plan you want to make more flexible and click Edit
  4. Next to Policy, click Edit
  5. Select Flexible – 1 Day and click Save. If you don’t see this option, check if you have this set up on your policies page

It can take up to 30 minutes for your rates to be updated. If you use a connectivity provider or channel manager, your updated rate plan will be synchronized there as well.

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