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Changing dates for non-refundable bookings

Updated 6 months ago | 5 min read

Travelers searching on our platform want to feel confident that their bookings are flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. Allowing changes to non-refundable travel dates can help you tap into this demand for flexibility and secure revenue. 

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Conditions for date changes for non-refundable bookings 

The easiest way to guarantee your revenue is to automate the date change process for non-refundable bookings. Once you do this, the guest will only be able to change dates under certain conditions. They’ll also be able to see this option on your property page.

These are the conditions for date changes:

  • Guests can only reschedule for the same or a higher price
  • Their booking conditions won’t change
  • They can only change the dates of their booking once
  • Their changes can only reflect real-time availability, rates, and restrictions

You can also add additional restrictions, meaning you stay in control of the whole process. Limit how far in advance a guest can change dates, up to three, five, or seven days before check in. Or set exceptions when guests can’t change dates.  

Setting up date changes for non-refundable bookings

Here’s how to automate changes for non-refundable bookings:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then select Policies
  3. Under Date changes for non-refundable bookings, click Edit
  4. Check the box that allows guests to change dates, then select the deadline for making changes
  5. Add exceptions to date changes if necessary
  6. Click Update preferences to save changes


Is the guest able to change their reservation dates to fewer nights?

Yes, as long as the total booking value is equal to or higher than the original reservation. 

Can the guest modify dates for rooms or units with different refund policies?

No, the guest can only modify dates with the same non-refundable policy.

How does the payment process work if the new dates booked have a higher price than the original booking? 

If you use Payments by Booking, the difference will be added to the existing virtual credit card. 

If you use another payment method, you can charge guests the difference using the original payment method. Guests will be charged within 24 hours or will have to provide a new credit card to prevent the booking from being canceled. 

Is the feature available for virtual credit card bookings?

Yes. The virtual credit card dates will be modified to match the new check-in dates. 

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