How to use the Genius free breakfast promotion

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As a Genius partner, you have access to promotions that optimize your visibility to select audiences, such as a free breakfast opportunity. Our research shows that guests perceive the value of breakfast to be higher than its actual cost Applying this promotion to your rooms or units helps you to stand out to more Genius users, increase bookings, and improve guest satisfaction. 

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Applying the promotion with room-only rates

If you offer room-only rates, we’ll show Genius Level 2 and 3 travelers your room-only rate with free breakfast included. This offer won’t be visible to other travelers.

However, we still recommend adding a breakfast price, so we can make sure your promotion stays visible if your room-only rate isn’t available.

Displaying the promotion with rates that include breakfast

If you don’t have any room-only rates available, we’ll apply the promotion to your breakfast-included rate. You’ll need to set a breakfast price and we’ll deduct this from your breakfast-included rate. We’ll never deduct more than 10% from your regular rate.

The discounted rate will be shown exclusively to Genius Level 2 and 3 travelers. 

How to add a breakfast price

Adding a breakfast price won’t affect any free breakfast promotion you’re offering on your room-only rates. Here’s how to add it:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Property, then Facilities & services
  3. Select Yes under Meals 
  4. Tick the box next to Breakfast 
  5. Enter the price per person per day under Price through 
  6. Click Save

How to activate the free breakfast promotion

If you already have Genius activated, it’s easy to set up the free breakfast promotion on the Extranet. Follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Opportunities, then Genius partner program
  3. Click Value-adds, then Free breakfast
  4. Select the rooms you want to offer the promotion on 
  5. Set the breakfast price. If you’ve already set your price, this will be filled out automatically
  6. You can also pause the offer for a specific period of time in Advanced settings
  7. Save by clicking Activate promotion 

Tracking and managing your promotion

You can track the performance of your free breakfast promotion on the Extranet. You’ll be able to see your upcoming and completed bookings made using the promotion, and also to edit the promotion set-up.  

You can also select the dates you want the free breakfast promotion to be available for in the calendar. 


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