Setting up a Basic Deal

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A Basic Deal is a promotion that offers full flexibility for you to adapt it to your pricing strategy and business needs. That means you can choose the discount amount, the stay dates when the deal applies, and the minimum length of stay.

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How Basic Deals work

Basic Deals can help you quickly take advantage of opportunities in your market to capture more traveler demand. You can use a Basic Deal to adjust your prices in response to specific situations or for particular time periods. For example, you could do this when a popular event will be taking place in your area.

You can also use Basic Deals as part of your wider pricing strategy to offer discounts for a particular time period. You can set this based on the demand you're expecting to see. A Basic Deal can also help generate extra bookings during times when you know your occupancy rate is likely to be lower than usual. Once the deal is live, you can manage it anytime if things change.

Displaying Basic Deals on our platform

On our platform, we display your Basic Deal by striking through the original price of a potential guest’s stay and displaying the discounted price next to it. Our research shows that the visual impact of striking through prices like this improves conversion rates and generates more bookings.

Setting up a Basic Deal

You can set up a Basic Deal anytime and for multiple deals ahead of time. Each deal will only become visible to potential guests during the time period that you select.

Once you’re ready, click here to set up a Basic Deal on the Extranet. To find out more about how to set up deals and promotions, take a look at this article.

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