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Setting up Country Rates

Updated 1 year ago | 4 min read

Attract travelers from the countries and regions you want to target by offering Country Rates. Use Country Rates as part of your pricing strategy to unlock domestic and international demand.

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Understanding Country Rates

Activating Country Rates

Editing or deactivating Country Rates

Understanding Country Rates

Country Rates can help you unlock domestic and international demand by offering great prices to travelers in the countries you specifically want to target. You can boost bookings by customizing the discounts you offer to specific markets such as the country where your property’s located, other individual countries, entire regions, or the whole world.

Adding Country Rates is a proactive step that you can take as part of your pricing strategy to increase your property’s occupancy. You’ll strengthen your pricing position by offering a discount only to potential guests in the countries you need a boost in. If things change, you can manage your Country Rates anytime.

You can offer any discount amount of 5% or above. We’ll only display this discount to people using our platform in the countries or regions you want to target. Country Rates are active throughout the year, but you can select up to 30 blocked dates when they don’t apply.

Country Rates apply to all your rooms and Rate Plans. The Country Rate discount stacks on top of Genius discounts and any other promotions you’ve set up, except for Mobile Rates and Limited-time Deals.

To find out more about Country Rates, take a look at this Solutions page.

Depending on the country your property is based in, this feature may not be available due to legal or commercial restrictions. We’re working to roll out Country Rates to all countries as soon as possible.

Activating Country Rates

Here’s how to set up Country Rates for your property

  1. Log in to the Extranet.
  2. Click Rates & Availability, then Country Rates
  3. Select the countries or regions you want your Country Rate to apply to. We display these in the order we recommend prioritizing each country or region based on what we know about your property and its previous bookings. If there’s an arrow next to a country or region, click it to select individual countries within that region.
  4. Enter the discount percentage you want to offer
  5. Choose any check-in dates that you don’t want your Country Rate to apply to
  6. Click Review, then Activate if everything looks right

Editing or deactivating Country Rates

You can always update your Country Rate settings or deactivate them so potential guests no longer see them. Here’s how to pause or edit your Country Rates:

  1. Log in to the Extranet.
  2. Click Rates & Availability, then Country Rates
  3. Click the name of the Country Rate you want to edit or deactivate to view its current settings
  4. Click Edit or Deactivate
  5. If you clicked Edit, update your percentage discount and any dates when you don’t want your Country Rate to apply, then click Review and Activate
  6. If you clicked Deactivate, click Deactivate again to confirm

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