Setting up US State Rates

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Capture domestic demand from travelers in any of the 50 states.

Activate US State Rates 

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Understanding US State Rates

US State Rates can help you attract travelers in your home state, those driving in from neighboring states, and long-distance fly-in visitors. This discount is only visible to people using our platform in the states that you want to target. US State Rates are active throughout the year, but you can select up to 30 blocked dates per year when they don’t apply.

Activating US State Rates

Here’s how to set up US State Rates for your property:

  1. Log on to the Extranet
  2. Click Promotions, then Choose new promotion
  3. Under US State Rate of the Targeting section, click Add promotion
  4. Select the state(s) where you want to offer a US State Rate. We display the rates we recommend at the top of the list based on what we know about your property and its previous bookings. 
  5. Enter the percentage discount you want to offer. You have to offer at least 5%. We recommend a minimum of 10%.
  6. Choose any check-in dates that you don’t want your US State Rate to apply to and click Review. If everything looks correct, click Activate.

Editing or deactivating US State Rates

You can always update your US State Rate settings or deactivate them so potential guests no longer see them. Here’s how to pause or edit your US State Rates:

  1. Log in to the Extranet
  2. Click Promotions, then click the name of the US State Rate you want to edit or deactivate to see its current settings
  3. Click Edit or Deactivate
  4. If you click Edit, you can update your percentage discount and/or any dates when you don’t want your US State Rate to apply, then click Review and Activate

If you click Deactivate, click Deactivate again to confirm


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